Daniel Johannsen// Tenor

Matthias Krampe // Pianoforte by Melchior Guante (1790)

"Wiener Mélange"

W.A. Mozart - Die ihr des unermeßlichen Weltalls Schöpfer ehrt

J. Haydn - O tuneful voice!
J. Holzer - Der Wandrer
W. Pohl - Das Lied vom Schmetterlinge
J. A. Steffan - Das Veilchen

L.v. Beethoven - Adelaide
N.v. Krufft - Die Blumen
A. Teyber - Liebesschmerz
F. Schubert - Der Jüngling am Bache

J. J. Grünwald - Das Totengräberlied
J. Haydn - Das Leben ist ein Traum

Duration: 46 Minutes

Recorded: 22.04.21, Schloss Weißenbrunn in Ebern

A collaboration with The 2020 Lied Duo Artist-in-Residence Programme  of The Schloss Weißenbrunn Foundation.


Daniel Johannsen

The Austrian tenor Daniel Johannsen studied with such lieder specialists as Robert Holl, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau and Christa Ludwig and, thus, approaches art song performance with great affection.

A prize-winner in the Schumann, Mozart, and Wigmore Hall competitions, Johannsen’s repertoire includes more than 300 settings in German, French, and English, which he has performed with piano partners such as Graham Johnson, Charles Spencer, Helmut Deutsch and Burkhard Kehring.


Matthias Krampe

Being an extremely versatile musician, Matthias Krampe studied organ and harpsichord with Michael Radulescu and Gordon Murray. Even before his training in church music, he dealt intensively with piano chamber music and song accompaniment with Rainer Hofmann and Charles Spencer. The scholarship holder of the German National Academic Foundation is, among other things, a prizewinner of the Paul Hofhaimer Competition Innsbruck; in 1997 he was awarded the ‘Würdigungspreis’ of the Austrian Ministry of Art.

His duties as the leading church musician of the Protestant Church in Austria include extensive concert activities as a choir conductor, organist, harpsichordist and ensemble musician.

"The thorough preoccupation with both the oldest and the latest music, with their respective instruments and the extensive (especially vocal) range of being a church musician are the basis of interpretative empathy for me as a song accompanist."

Matthias has e.g. an original Broadwood fortepiano from 1804 at his disposal.

photo: Pia Praetorius